Here is a list of the most "frequently asked questions" (F.A.Q.'s) of our services.
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  • What is a title?
  • What is title insurance ?
  • What is a title search ?
  • Why is transfering a title to real estate different than transfering a tiltle from
    other items, such as a car?

  • What kind of problems can a title search reveal ?
  • Are there any problems that a title search cannot reveal?
  • How much can I lose if a claim is filed against my property?
  • How does title insurance protect my investment if a claim should arise?
  • Isn't the deed enough proof of ownership?
  • If the home builder has insurance on the property, why do I need to purchase it again when I purchase the property?
  • What is the difference between an owners policy and a loan policy?
  • How long does my coverage last?
  • Is there a tax to sell my home?
  • What is a closing?
  • What is a "closing protection letter"?
  • What are endorsements?

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